PT. Indolabel Surya Pratama is a label printing company, as a specialist self adhesive label printing manufacturer, we are serve a wide range of industries such as Pharmaceutical and Health care, Household & Personal care, Food & Beverage, Toy, Electronic, Lubricant oil, Chemical, Tire, Transport & logistics, Retail, Promotion, Brand Protection & Security Labels.

We strongly believe we are called to be proactive in providing services that impact people on both a professional level and a personal level. Our experience in how labels and were applied to various products and what was needed when creating a label printing industry. Understanding and satisfying our customer’s requirements are our main purpose to be able to grow and continue our success.

Indolabel always serve different customers needs. Our Technology, Prepress, and quality control process ensures perfect solution for customer need started from prepress design, manufacturing, quality control & Delivery Process.